Monday, August 3, 2009

Jessica Simpson Was Spotted In Los Angeles With Ken Saluki

Keeping busy as she tries to forget Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson was spotted at a park in Los Angeles on Monday (August 3).

Accompanied by the stylist pal Ken opens, the couple walked with Ken Saluki three dogs while getting in some exercise.

In the news, Miss Simpson has recently opened its arms on favorite in a new interview about her line of lingerie.

"Of course, I love lingerie. What girl does not? "Tell Simpson Women's Wear Daily." My lingerie reflects how I feel when I wake up and allows me to set the tone for my day. "

She added: "The lingerie is a part of what you wear every day. It's fun to choose different colors and styles. What do you wear under your clothes lets you define the equipment, if T-shirt bra, bras, push-ups, different styles and colors, you should always choose what works best. "

As to her favorite underwear, Jess said: "I like to be comfortable and feel good. I wear what appeals to my mood. "

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jessica Simpson Had A Long Telephone Conversations With Her Ex-Husband

The singer and actress, who was recently dumped by boyfriend Tony Romo has sparked rumors after the consolidation of ever closer to her ex-husband Nick Lachey.

Jessica turned to Nick to repair his broken heart from her relationship with Tony becomes rocky.

A source said: "Nick has never ceased to love Jessica. They have been in contact since they both recently became single.

"They had a number of very long, sometimes over an hour, conversations on the phone - especially since Jessica and Tony broke."

However, it was asked for a meeting could cause problems for Jessica to his family, including her father and manager Joe Simpson, are against the idea.

A source said: "It will not happen. They have no respect for him. There is too much bad blood between Joe and Nick for Jessica to even think about it."

Nick separated from his girlfriend of three years, TV presenter Vanessa Minnillo, in June

Jessica had been with Tony since November 2007 when he ended their relationship, the night before his 29th birthday last week.

Jessica and former 98 Degrees member Nick Boyband were married in 2002, before the pair split in 2005. Their marriage was the inspiration behind the MTV reality show "Newlyweds."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jessica Simpson Collection Is The Official Sponsor Of This Year's Competition

Participants taking part in the famous beauty, Sunday will be white and gold bikinis maigre of singer and actress eponymous line.

Jessica Simpson Collection is the official sponsor of this year's competition, taking the place of syrup bath which has adapted to the competitors of the last two years.

The white and gold bikinis retail $ 104, while a number, which carried the hopes of a photo shoot in Las Vegas costs $ 88.

Asked why Miss Universe Jessica has decided to present the clothing line, two years after it was put up for sale, publicist Lark-Marie Anton told the New York Daily News: "Why not? They are fabulous swimwear" .

The jerseys will be available to buy after the contest is broadcast on U.S. television channel NBC on Sunday.

JJessica Simpson's range includes footwear, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, accessories and fragrances.

Earlier this year, the 28-year-old star announced that she was highlighting a collection for curvy women after she was criticized for his appearance fuller figure.

Jessica Simpson said: "I want to create clothes that flatter every figure. I know how a dress can make you feel so frumpy. I promise mine will not. I was considered a lot in my life. Now I know what works if you are curvy.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Father Disapproved Of Her Relationship With Romo

Jessica Simpson's father Joe, he dismissed the reports of the application on his pop star daughter to dump American footballer Tony Romo - insisting the athlete is "the best".

Earlier this month, the National Enquirer said that Jessica Simpson's father disapproved of her relationship with Romo, mentioning the influence of sports on the singer as a concern.

A source told the tabloid, "Joe feels now that Tony has become too distracting for Jessica. Any free time, she, Jess wants to go with Tony. But rather than blaming her daughter to work ethics, Joe points the finger at Tony.

"He wants his life to Tony, but Jessica Simpson loves and does not even consider leaving him at this point."

But Joe Simpson laughed about the report, insisting Romo is the "best" friend of her daughter could have.

In a post on the social networking site, Simpson says: "So tired of people saying that I do not like Tony and Jess ... It is the best ... Do not believe the National Enquirer! "

Jessica Simpson, who has been married to singer Nick Lachey has been dating Romo since November 2007.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jessica Simpson at Universal Studios

Boasting a beautiful sunny day in Southern California, Jessica Simpson was spotted at Universal Studios in Hollywood yesterday (October 22).

The "Come On Over" chick country looks cute and casual in a black digital divide Scoopneck top with a jean slim good toting an animal print handbag.

And it seems that Jess will have more time with her boyfriend Tony Romo, as it is not expected to return to play regular season until mid-November because of a finger injury.

Jessica Simpson told the press, "I do not know when I'll be back. I certainly think the idea now is to ensure that the health review weeks." Romo had hoped to be ready by this weekend , but in the end it was a bad idea for both him and the team. "I would not have been able to play any kind of level that have contributed to this football team."

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jessica Simpson Says That She Is Okay

Country music is also a fertile ground for attractive blond as pop singers, and after years of proof itself too much and too unhip to unsavvy pop music, it is logical to Jessica Simpson in a swap loving stereotype kind to go and another country.

And the countries appears to be a good way to native Texas: All it has to do is to kick off her shoes, playing her accent, and it is golden.

There is no mystery that many to be a country star as there is to be a pop star - for example, there is no need to fly around the world to chase fashion producers - but singers should be able to sing. And although
Jessica Simpson can belt, she can not sing.

The country-fried "Do You Know,"
Jessica Simpson huff and puffs and blows the microphone down. Yet his bellowing is an emotional flatline, and it seems even if it is singing or encouragement of seduction or dedication or regret. It is difficult to relate to someone you can not play, and his implacable Bluster is irritating as it is confusing.

To its credit, it seems as if all of Nashville producers and musicians tried to make "Do You Know" for the celebrity kind, and some songs are modest success despite
Jessica Simpson's delivery, including Doping opening chorus of "Come on Over" and the anthem Peppy "always beautiful." Dolly Parton has given his leadership the most important of all, under the pen and even to sing with her on Jessica Simpson - giving the young singer a tutorial on how to write music and variety show.

Jessica Simpson co-writing credit on most other tracks, but there is nothing but cliches around.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Jessica Simpson Going Through Countr CD

Jessica Simpson jumping from pop to country music May seem likely to put his musical career, but the Texas native said she grew up a country fan. Yet, nobody expected an album of waltzes and two steppers. As might be expected, her first collection, "Do You Know", focuses on slick Nashville pop, no error is one of 11 songs to boot scooting honky-tonk or dirt-road country rock.

Guided by Nashville Brett James and Grammy-winning producer John Shanks, Jessica Simpson manages his voice carefully professionalism. She also co-authored eight of 11 songs, hooking up with countries affected makers Hillary Lindsey, Luke Laird and Rachel Proctor, inter alia, for music that correspond to the current formula of Nashville.

But there is nothing that distinguishes her voice or her musical direction from other countries newcomers. At its best, as on the ballad "are still not Stop Me", it suggests Simpson has the potential to be an artist more strange that it is still unproven. But from the first hit, "Come On Over," religious inspiration "Pray Out Loud" the love song to his fourth-boyfriend, "You are my Sunday" there is little about Simpson's house transition to propose it is ready to compete commercial or creatively with Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.

Check this out: Jessica Simpson once famous botched the lyrics of a song Dolly Parton during a live concert being recorded for a television special, but it manages itself better in a duet with country legend about the song title, which was written by Parton.